Playlab’s bundle of plays

21 Oct

I had to share this as it’s such great value …

plays galore

The Playlab value bundle

I’ve just picked up the La Boite bundle of plays from Playlab Press, pictured above. Seven plays (well, actually eight as one of the books is a two-play special) for the grand price of $30.

Here’s the info in case you’d like to pick up a hot bundle of plays for yourself …

The La Boite Theatre Company 2007/08 Season Bundle from Playlab Press features seven complete scripts produced across the 2007/08 seasons. All the plays are Australian and contemporary.

The bundle of plays comprises:

  • The Narcissist by Stephen Carleton
  • The Danger Age by Kate Mulvany
  • Kitchen Diva by Norman Price
  • Red Cap by Janis Balodis
  • Summer Wonderland/The Dance of Jeremiah by Matthew Ryan
  • Walking By Apple Tree Creek by Ian Brown
  • The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay Adapted by Sean Mee

Yours for just $30 (plus postage and handling).

Email to order.

I’ve already read and written about The Danger Age, which I loved, and soon I’ll be blogging about the rest of the plays in the bundle.

Anyhow – that’s enough advertising from me … I’m just so excited about getting eight new Australian plays to read and figure some of you who follow this blog might like to pick up a bundle as well.

Happy reading.


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