Quick reflection

30 May

Today I published my 70th post, which means that for the last 70 days I have read a play every day and written a response to it. Phew!

Of those 70 plays, 36 have been by women and 36 by men so I am managing to keep to my objective of reading as many plays by women as by men. (The reason that the total doesn’t equal 70 is that some of the plays have been co-authored and have ended up being marked as female writer and male writer.) If you’re looking for plays by women, you can go to the category section on the right and select ‘Female Writer’: that will sort the posts and only show those by women.

When it comes to my aim of reading as many Australian plays as international ones, I’ve managed to read 37 Australian plays out of the 70 – so more than half of the works read so far are Australian. (Again, if you want to search for Australian plays, just select them on the right in Categories.)


I’m not stopping or taking a day off, this is just a quick chance to reflect on how this mad project is going, and to skite about the fact that I’m on track and reaching my objectives.

70 read … 295 still to go. Gulp. I don’t think I’ll do the counting down thing again for a while: much too intimidating.

woman covered in books

Thanks Kirril for taking this picture of me drowning under the weight of unread plays!

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