31: A Skull in Connemara

21 Apr

Does anyone else write plays like the Irish? Martin McDonagh is such a powerful playwright, his characters leap off the page and punch the reader in the face with their narrow mindedness, greed or heart. A Skull in Connemara is no exception. It’s brutal but also laugh out loud funny, even on the page.

play and a glass of wine

Every year the church hires Mick to dig up the old bodies in the graveyard and dispose of them to make room for the newly dead. This year it’s his wife’s turn to be exhumed. And the townsfolk want to see if the rumours are true and if there’ll be proof that Mick did kill her.

THOMAS: No, what I was going to say was…some insinuation along the lines of…not that I’m making any accusations, mind…but maybe your wife’s head injuries all those years ago weren’t especially conducive to only having been in a car crash at all, and maybe…

MICK: All that came out at the time, Thomas Hanlon, and didn’t the inquest shoot every word of it down!

THOMAS: Y’know, maybe she was already dead before you drove her into the wall, that kind of insinuation, like. But nothing harsher than that am I saying.

You can hear the brogue when you read the lines: the words fairly leap off the page they’re so filled with life and energy. It’s a joy to read dialogue like McDonagh’s.

Publisher: Methuen

Cast: 3M, 1F

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